The Return of The MVP Radio Show – EP000

The Return of The MVP Radio Show
Welcome back to The MVP Radio Show. We are completely wiping out our old episodes and starting from scratch. The MVP Radio Show is designed to help you make a bigger impact online. In this episode, we talk about our plans to help you do that.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The missions & vision behind The MVP Radio Show
  • Why it takes experience to improve your chances to succeed
  • Why it takes more than one thing to help your business succeed online
  • Introduction of the step by step process to improve your online process

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Welcome to The MVP Radio Show, my name is James Bullis. I am the host of this show. We are re launching this show. We’ve had some episodes over the last couple of years. They’ve been okay. You know it. I’ve been able to get some information out there, but I feel like I’m just gonna wipe it all off and start from scratch because what I really want to do is I want to help you be able to build your online presence, find us online when you get there, you’ll see all the latest episodes with show notes and I’ve got some free gifts. There for you. One of them is a short mini course on LinkedIn. I’ve got Four Steps To Increasing Your Power On LinkedIn. The website called but you’ll find it there at our website. And then another gift that I have is a checklist. It’s got the 49 steps that I believe you must take in order to build what I call your minimum virtual presence, your MVP, and you’ll find those the episodes that I have planned are based off of that MVP roadmap.

It is a step by step process of building your online presence, so if you want to cheat and get ahead, he can go to and find the link to download the MVP roadmap today. Now let’s get into today’s episode.

As I mentioned earlier, you know we’ve done about 11 episodes over the last couple of years, I’ve tried to start this up a couple of times and life gets in the way and I just feel like it’s because the timing wasn’t right. A lot of people have listened to the previous episodes and I’ve gotten some reviews on iTunes, but I just feel like I’ve got to start over and because I’ve shifted my focus a little bit, you know, I used to want to just help digital entrepreneurs, but really when you think about it, anybody who is doing business today needs to have their business online. And so, I want to get this set up to help anybody who is just overwhelmed and confused and help them get their business online.

When I was a kid, I grew up in Germany, my dad was in the army and uh, this was in the early eighties and we actually got to play with computers. I remember they were apple computers and my favorite game to play along with liking number crunchers or whatever was the Oregon trail. But I would always get frustrated when I started playing the game because I can never get to the end. We just didn’t have enough time. You know, if you’ve, if you’ve never played the game before, you can decide whatever your occupation is going to be and whatever your occupation is, it gives you a certain amount of money that you can start out with, which allows you to buy supplies and then you begin a journey.

You’re starting out, I think it’s independence, Missouri or Kansas, and you’re trying to get out to Oregon. And so you go through a series of these decisions. You’ve got to decide, you know, whether you should just try to cross the river or caulk your wagon or, or whatever, you know, there’s just all these different things, you know, should you stop and hunt for food? Should you stop, uh, at a fort and buy more supplies? There’s always a common joke that somebody dies of a broken arm or dysentery and it’s just difficult and you never know what’s going to happen each game. But one of the things I realized as, as I played the game more and more and more, I started to identify that certain decisions we’re going to help me get through the game faster. My favorite part of the whole game is when you get almost to the end and you actually get to float your wagon down this river and you have to try to avoid boulders and other obstacles that are in your way.

And if you can make it down the river, you actually get to the end and you win the game and that’s when they totally wiped her score. So after I had played the game, you know, hundreds of times, then I, I could consistently get to that point where I could get down the river and finished the game. The same thing goes for business. You know, a lot of people are out there and they’re trying to start a business and they know that they need to get online, but they get so overwhelmed by all of the different decisions and all the different services and offerings. And do I need to hire this person or do I need to work with that person? This just overwhelming. It’s kind of maddening. There’s hundreds and hundreds of different things that you could do, but nobody knows exactly what you should be doing.

And what I’ve done is over the last 20 years I’ve been through all the trends and all the changes and I’ve seen what’s worked and what hasn’t worked. And there are a few things, a few specific steps that no matter what you do and your online business, it’s going to be the same. And if you can follow those specific steps, then it’s, it’s almost a no brainer. It makes it so much easier for somebody to build their online presence. You know, you can’t just focus on Facebook, can’t just focus on a website or you can’t just focus only on SEO today if you want to be found online, it takes a lot of different specific things. There’s a formula that of my first mentor taught me, and it’s about, it’s basically a funnel. You know, you’ve gotta be able to attract people. You’ve got to be able to capture leads.

You’ve got to be able to educate your prospects so that you can sell your products and services. And in order to do all those things, that takes a number of different disciplines. And what I’ve done is I’ve created what I call a roadmap that takes the 49 specific things starting out with seven critical steps, and it puts them all together in an easy to follow. Now, now I will tell you this, it’s not something that you can do overnight. It’s something that’s gonna take you a long time to put together. But if you follow the steps, then it’s going to make it a whole lot easier. It’s something that you actually have to work at. And so I decided that what I wanted to do is I want to create an online course that’s around these 49 specific steps. But in order to come up with the content, I want to present it in a podcast format and I want to get it out there.

So each week what we’re going to do is we’re going to take one of those steps and we’re going to talk about the 30,000 foot view on no why you need to take that step. And what are some quick ways that you can go about actually making those things happen. And when I create the online course, it’ll be more in depth, but in the meantime I think that if you just simply listen to this free podcast and we’re going to be putting out episodes on a weekly basis, we’re going to start out with quite a few episodes for you to get started with, but each week we’re going to present one of the new steps and I think that if you follow those steps, some of them are going to be easy. Some of them are not going to be not so easy. Some of them aren’t going to take very much time at all and some are going to take you more time.

It just depends on what your skill set is, but I can guarantee you that these 49 steps is more of a synthesis of everything that everybody is talking about out there. Instead of you having to go and buy 10 different courses, I’m going to tell you the step by step things that you get to do one by one in an order that makes sense and will actually help you move the ball down the field. I want to help you try to get a win and that’s what this podcast is all about. I want to help you be able to bypass all the decision making and say, Hey, at this point, this is the step I need to take. Just like an Oregon trail. You know that when you get to this specific point, this is the direction you need to go. If you want to win and if you want to be able to beat the game before your time is up.

When you have a business idea, you’re going to be really passionate firsts and at a certain point you’re gonna, you’re going to get to a point where the rubber hits the road and you’re going to have to make a decision. Is this something that I want to do? Is this something that I want to invest my time, money and effort into or is this something I’m going to give up? And the reality is if you can get as far down the road, if you’re really passionate about this, and if you can get as far down the road as possible before you give up your, you have a higher chance of success. And I think that if you follow this roadmap, it’s going to get you further down the road because this going tell you exactly what to do next. So I’m here to guide you.

I’m here to walk you down the road and say, Hey, this is the next step. And these are the same steps that I use when I take my clients from zero to hero. So if you’re interested in increasing your online presence, if you’re any kind of a business that does business with other human beings, then this is a show for you. We’re going to get started with some episodes on LinkedIn because I think that you need to work on building your online personal brand first. And then from there we’re going to talk about kind of the overall, you know, why you need an online presence. And then we’re going to get into seven critical steps that most people overlook when they’re certainly business. I’m excited. I hope you’re really excited to, and with that, we’re going to go ahead and close out this introduction and move on to the next episode.

Thanks for being here. Remember, if you like what you hear, be sure and go to MVP radio there are links there for you to go and find to subscribe on your platform of choice and you can rate and review. That’s always welcome. If you like what you hear, share this with your friends or help other people be able to find this show by subscribing, rating and reviewing and remembered. Those free gifts are there for you too. So, if you want to learn about, you know, if you want to step by step process on increasing our LinkedIn power, those are there. And then if you want the full roadmap, I’ve got it there as well. MVP radio Thanks for listening today. Have a great one.