Selling Your Products & Services – EP011

Everyone wants to sell on their website. It’s the dream to have people flood your website and buy from you. But there is a proven process to doing this. In this episode we talk about some important factors to consider when you have a prospect that is ready to buy from you. Plus, I’ll share with you the biggest secret I have learned in digital marketing.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why you should offer an entry level item first
  • The importance of using a landing page for paid traffic
  • When to invest in a shopping cart solutions
  • The biggest secret I have learned in digital marketing

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The MVP Radio Show - Selling Your Products & Services - EP011

Hello my friend. You are listening to the MVP radio show. This is James Bullis, I'm your host and today we are going to be wrapping up our series on the four aces formula. The four races formula is essentially a great way to explain a funnel and in how you should be using your website as a machine as opposed to just a simple brochure that's out there and so far we've talked about attracting more visitors, capturing leads, and educating your prospects. Today we're going to wrap this up by talking about selling your products and services. Now if you do the other three steps, it's going to make selling your products a whole lot easier, and today I'm going to give you a few ways that you can sell through your website. Now, before we get started, I do want to remind you on the purpose of the MVP radio show.

As I've mentioned in other episodes, I've been doing this for over 20 years. I'm a web designer and digital marketer and I have witnessed people get frustrated and overwhelmed by the millions of different things that it takes in order to get your business found online and people simply want to start a business. They want to get found online, but a lot of people just don't know where to get started. And you might be frustrated, you might be confused, you might be overwhelmed. And if that's the case, this is the podcast for you. What I've done is I've boiled down all of my experience into 49 steps. Now, 49 seems like a lot of steps, but when you consider the millions and at least hundreds of options that are out there, 49 steps that are put in an order that makes it really easy for you to follow is nothing compared to being overwhelmed.

And so each episode of this podcast is going to cover one of the steps from what I call the MVP roadmap. A few episodes back. I talked about what MVP stands for and it's based off of the book lean startup where Eric Reese talks about the minimum viable product startups that are out there. They need to have a minimum viable product that basically proves their hypothesis that they can solve a problem. Well when it comes to your online business. I like that idea and I call it the minimum virtual presence by going through the 49 steps. That's what we're going to do. We're going to help you, you and I together are going to go through and we're going to build what I call your minimum virtual presence. Now we've started this podcast with a couple of series. The first one is on linkedin because I believe that you need to start building up your personal brand and your personal online and this series is about the four aces which talks about how your website fits into all this.

Some people wonder if a website even matters today, and I believe that your website is the foundation of everything else that you do online. If you can get started by building your personal brand and by understanding how your website fits in and really starting to get the concept of the four aces, it's going to make the 49 steps a whole lot easier. Now in the next episode, we are going to get started with the very first section of the MVP roadmap and we're going to cover seven steps to defining your business. These are seven critical steps that a lot of people overlook and if they would just do them right out the gate, it would make things so much easier. So you're not going to want to miss those episodes. But let's go ahead and jump into today's episode. Now, when it comes to selling online, remember that selling is a conversation and if you've been following the other steps where you've attracted people so they get to know who you are, you've captured their information so that you can start the conversation with them.

If you've been educating your prospect through great content that's out there, all you have to do is just continue the conversation to close the deal. If you sell services face to face, I will say that your website supports your ability to have that conversation to close the deal, but if you sell products and services online, then it's time to make that conversion. I want you to think about this mindset. Once you can get someone to buy something from you, they psychologically switched from a stranger and they become a customer and once they become a customer, they're more likely to buy from you because they trusted you enough to buy from you initially that they're going to buy from you again. In most cases, you can't go in for the big high ticket sale right out the gate. You need to take this in stages. You need to think of it like dating Ryan Dyson digital marketer.

Tell the story of how he courted his wife. It was a step by step process. You don't want to propose on the first date. First you got to go out for coffee. You got to get to know each other a little bit. You want to see if there's any kind of chemistry there and then you're going to go out on a date. You're going to see what the other person is like. And then after that, you know, if you've been dating a while and you really feel for the person, well then it's time to get engaged. She make a small commitment and once you're ready, then you make the ultimate commitment. You go in and you can get married. In marketing and sales, he kind of have to go through the same kind of process. You know, you've got to attract them first. You've got to capture them.

You take 'em out for a little bit of coffee. You guys see what they're liking. You got to allow them to be able to experience, feel a little bit and worry at that point right now where we want to get them engaged, we want them to make a small commitment by buying a, what we call a self liquidating offer or a tripwire offer. It's an initial low cost offer that helps your prospect make the transition from stranger to customer. And once you have that offer, you want to make sure and optimize your website to offer this tripwire. So the first step of this formula is attracting the visitor. That's like letting them like get to see who you are and you're getting them to go out to coffee with you. And then you're offering up that lead magnet through that call to action on your website.

And that's like going out on a date. They're going to go out and they're going to experience a s a small valuable piece of information and determine whether or not it's worth it to move forward with you. Now it's time to offer them this trip wire and this is where you get engaged. We're going to offer them a ring and get them to buy into us a little bit more. This is where you probably see those offers out there where they're offering you some sort of a pdf for our course and it's pretty cheap. You know, it's, it's worth a couple hundred dollars but we're going to give it to you for $7 or $17 something like that. And, and the purpose of that trip wire, like I said, is to win them as a customer. If you can get them to psychologically make that switch in their brain that they're a customer, chances are you're going to get them to buy into your core offer, which is where you're going to make your money.

That's when you actually go and get married. So the way that you offer the trip wire is through a landing page. A lot of people will pay for advertising and they send the traffic to their homepage or you know, to some other page, but you want to specialize page on your website that is specific to the offer that speaks specifically to that ideal prospect that wants to participate in the offer. And more often than not, we usually take away any additional links off of that page so that they can't leave that page. We want them to consume that page and we want them to take that offer there on that page. Most people would say that this is like a funnel. It's just like click funnels a type of situation. But if your website is built the right way, you can actually build this directly into your website without having to pay the extra monthly expense for a service like click funnels.

If you sell just single products on your website, you don't have to go and and get a big shopping cart system. You don't need a big ecommerce platform. You just simply need a way to check out that one product. So a lot of times for your trip wire or for your core offer, if it's just a single product, you can either set up a paypal account and add a link that goes directly into paypal. Or like we build our websites on wordpress. We can build a checkout form using a form plugin that then ties into your bank account and makes that process. So these are ways that you can sell on your website. You can use that landing page to sell tripwire offer. You can use checkout forms in order to make, uh, to allow people to go in there and check out and buy these products and services from you.

And if you've got multiple products, you can then go in and set up an ecommerce platform in order to sell those different products through there and have it connected to your bank account. I highly recommend that you set up multiple types of ways to accept payments. I usually recommend paypal and stripe, but sometimes your bank can offer you a merchant gateway at a much better rate. So selling your product, like I said, is pretty straightforward. You know, if you do everything else and makes it pretty easy to sell your products and services on your website. So want to go ahead and move in and talk about that wild card that we've talked about attracting visitors. We've talked about capturing leads, we've talked about educating prospects and selling products and services, but there is this little wild card, no, I don't play poker, but I used to think that four aces was the winning hand.

And when I did some research I realized that there are two other hands that are actually better. But if we play with wildcards, we could technically get a five of a kind and a f five of a kind beats any other hand in the hand of poker. So what I want to share with you is that wild card, it's a lesson that I learned when I was working at my first agency. Now that agency had figured out a loophole that allowed them to send traffic through Google. And it was a really, I don't exactly understand what that loophole was, but they could essentially just turn on traffic and send it through a person's website. Well, Google found out about that and they did what's called a Google slap. Google is closing loopholes like this all the time. They're closing hundreds of loopholes. But there are people out there that are trying to figure out how to game the system just like this agency hat.

And what happened was when Google went in and closed that loop, that company went bankrupt and they had to start over from scratch. And I remember that mentor telling me, you know, I wished that we had acted as if Google never existed. And that's the secret. That's the secret that I learned. Instead of you trying to make Google work for you or for you to gain the system so that Google works for you, do it as if Google never existed. That means putting out great valuable content. That means getting stuff out there that people will go and attract back to your website, that you can then educate them on your website. Because the reality is is that Google only cares about five things. When the search engines are coming through your website, they only care about five specific things. They care if people stay on your website, they care.

If people scroll down your website, they care. If people click on her website, they want people to comment on your website. So you've got to get people to your website. You've got to have it set up so people will actually interact and engage on your website and they want to know if people share on your website, and the only way that they can do all of those things is if you educate them, if you attract them, if you capture them. So if you would stop trying to gain the system or listening to people who only want to gain the system, if you will put out a great product, a great website with great content on there and educate your prospects, you know, identify exactly who they are. It's going to be a much better experience for you and your customers. We'll hope this has been valuable to you.

Again, this is one of the foundational pieces. The four aces is a foundational piece to everything else you're gonna do online. These concepts are, you're going to see them woven throughout all of the other steps in the MVP roadmap. I'm really excited. Next week we're going to get started with the first step in the MVP roadmap. You are not going to want to miss that. If you've enjoyed listening to this episode and you haven't listened to the other episodes, be sure and go to MVP radio you'll find all the previous episodes along with show notes and links to resources. Also, if you love listening to podcasts, be sure and subscribe rate and review. I read all the reviews and I want to make sure that we're putting out great content. If you have questions or comments, please go to MVP radio Go to the contact page. There is a link for you to send in a message to the show. We'll have a Q and a episode soon, and we'll include all those messages directly on the show. Hey, thanks so much. You know, I believe that your online presence as a present to those who matter, so let's get ready to build that presence together.