Four Steps To Increasing Your LinkedIn Power – Intro – EP001

Four Steps To Increasing Your LinkedIn Power
In today’s episode, we introduce you to our first series – Four Steps To Increasing Your LinkedIn Power. I share with you my story about using LinkedIn and why I believe that everyone should start with their personal brand.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why taking the time to work on personal brand matters
  • The true purpose of LinkedIn is not what you think
  • Why I recommend LinkedIn to anyone just starting out
  • The introduction of the Social Selling Index – Your LinkedIn Score

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Welcome back to The MVP Radio Show. I’m your host James Bullis. The MVP Radio Show is designed to help people who need to take their business and improve their online presence. It’s based off of the MVP Roadmap, which you can find at

I have been doing this for over 20 years and I’ve watched trends, common trends go and some things work and some things don’t, and I found 49 specific things that have stood the test of time. And what I do is I’ve synthesized these 49 things down into a step by step process. This is the process that I use to help my clients go from zero to hero and I want to help you be able to do that. So each of these episodes is going to cover a step in that process. But if you want to cheat and get ahead, you can go to and download that today.

Today we’re going to start a new series. Well, actually it’s the very first series because we’re going to wipe out all the old episodes of the MVP radio show and we’re going to start from scratch. But you know, I think that before you get started with building the online presence for your business, you need to start with building a personal brand. If you do business as a human with other human beings, you need to have your personal brand first. You need to be known for what you know before you can really get your business out there. Because anytime you’re doing business with other people and you’re selling, it’s all about having a conversation. And so it’s really important that you build your personal brand first. And the best way to do that is through LinkedIn.

Reid Hoffman is one of the cofounders of LinkedIn and he wrote a book called The Startup Of You. And in that book, he talks about one of the reasons why he invented LinkedIn. And it was really all about you being able to create your personal brand. So, LinkedIn is not necessarily made for your resume. It’s a way for you to go and create a narrative about you and your experience and how your personal brand stands out in the marketplace. And when a lot of people when started on LinkedIn, they started with kind of the wrong mindset. You would think because of the features that it has on LinkedIn that you would use LinkedIn as your online resume and that is actually not the purpose of LinkedIn. That’s not what they create LinkedIn to be four. They created it so that you can set up your own personal brand and make it easier for you to connect with other people who it would make sense for you to be connected to.

I’ve been using LinkedIn since 2007 so over 12 years and I have what consider an all-star profile, which really it just really means that I’ve completed everything on my profile. You can find out where you rank in your industry and in your network, and I’ve been in the top 1% of my industry in the top 2% of my network, but that fluctuates over time. It really just depends on who you’re connected to and who’s using it at the time. As a web designer, people come to me all the time and say, you know, hey, I would love to be able to get online, but I can’t afford a professional website and asked me if I can help them with a Wix website or a Squarespace website. Nice. Tell them, you know, it’s, it’s important for you to get started on something. But now I would say that if you couldn’t afford to do anything else online, I would 100% recommend that you go and optimize your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is so powerful in so many ways, and I’ve, I’ve made LinkedIn my secret weapon because LinkedIn helps me connect with other people, but LinkedIn wasn’t always like that for me. I became miserable on LinkedIn and I had to make some drastic changes in order to make LinkedIn work for me. And those changes are what has improved my business dramatically in the last couple of years because it allows me to connect with my prospects faster and it lets me clothes better deals. Now, the changes that I made were based on the SSI score and a lot of people don’t know that LinkedIn has a score that is kind of a variable that’s used and their algorithm, and it’s called the social selling index. People don’t really know that you have that and unless you pay for the sales navigator, because in the sales navigator it’s one of the options on the menu, but anybody can go and look up their SSI score.

If you Google LinkedIn SSI Score when you’re logged into LinkedIn, then you can actually click a button and it will tell you what your score is and that score is based on four different criteria and most of them are based around who you’re connected to.

So, in the next few episodes we’re going to talk about how the SSI score plays into your LinkedIn experience. And I’m going to go over a little acronym that I call N.I.C.E. We’re going to talk about protecting your network, building intrigue, completing your profile, and then finally engaging with your audience. If you are ready to start building your personal brand first, which I highly recommend, let’s get started.

In the next episode where we’re going to learn how to protect your network. Now, these episodes that are about LinkedIn are based on a quick little online course that I’ve had available These episodes are going to take you through a lot of the same information, but if you’d like to watch the videos, you can go to If you go there, you can sign up and you can see examples how high use LinkedIn to increase my credibility online every day.

Hey, thanks so much for listening to the MVP radio show. Again, this is just an introduction to the LinkedIn series. Let’s jump into the next episode and talk about protecting our network. Thanks for listening.