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The Four ACES

Selling Your Products & Services – EP011

Everyone wants to sell on their website. It’s the dream to have people flood your website and buy from you. But there is a proven process to doing this. In this episode we talk about some important factors to consider when you have a prospect that is ready to buy from you. Plus, I’ll share…

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Build Trust By Educating Your Prospect – EP010

Your website can be used to help build trust with your ideal prospect. Use your website to educate prospects about your process, your industry, and how you can help solve their problems. Give them quick wins so that you begin to build trust as a source that can solve their problems. The best way to…

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Capturing Lead Information With Your Website – EP009

Your website needs to work for you. You can build a machine that starts to generate customers for you. Many websites fail to start this process. They can get people to their websites but they can’t get them to convert. That’s because they try to propose marriage as soon as they meet. Learn how to…

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Attracting More Visitors To Your Website – EP008

We’re talking about the first part of the Four ACES Formula – Attracting More Visitors. It’s important to set up a website that attracts both human and “bot” traffic. We’re talking about best practices for both. In This Episode You’ll Learn: Why you need to learn to attract visitors Why you should attract human and…

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Do Websites Still Matter? – EP007

We are starting a new series today based on a formula called the Four ACES. This formula will lay the groundwork as to how your website plays a part in your online presence. In This Episode You’ll Learn: Your Website Is The Foundation Of Your Online Presence You Have Control Over Your Website You Can…

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