Capturing Lead Information With Your Website – EP009

Your website needs to work for you. You can build a machine that starts to generate customers for you. Many websites fail to start this process. They can get people to their websites but they can’t get them to convert. That’s because they try to propose marriage as soon as they meet. Learn how to start slow by capturing their information first.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why you should have a single call to action on your website
  • How to offer a bribe in exchange for real lead information
  • Technology that can help capture lead information
  • Consider your audience that doesn’t have an email address

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Hey there. Welcome to episode nine of the MVP radio show. My name is James Bolus. I got a question for you. Are you trying to get found online Are you overwhelmed because there are about a million things for you to do Are you confused and frustrated Then this is the podcast for you. Over the last 20 years, I have seen what has worked and what hasn’t. Trends changed, platforms change, but there are a few things that never change. In fact, those are the die hard tactics that will make your online business a success. I’ve outlined each of these steps in a roadmap. Each of the episodes of this podcast cover a step in this roadmap, but if you want to cheat and get the whole checklist now, just go to MVP and download it today. All right, so if you’ve been listening to the latest episodes of the MVP road show, you know that we are in the middle of another series called the four aces and the four aces is a formula that was taught to me by my first mentor.

It is the formula that I have used to explain and sell websites over the last 10 years as a professional web designer. Now on the last episode we talked about attracting visitors to your website and today we are going to be talking about capturing leads. This is the thing that separates regular websites from websites that actually work. There are a lot of people out there that think that they want to just get a nice little brochure website for their business, but the reality is is that when you are thinking about a website, it needs to be a machine. That’s why we have the four aces. It’s attract more visitors, capture more leads, educate your prospects. You can sell your products and services, and if your website isn’t working like a machine that can be there working for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, you’re basically wasting our money.

Yeah, you might get found out there by one or two people, but the reality is that if you’re not doing anything with that website, it’s just not going to do anything for you. So today is where the difference maker begins to happen. When we talked about attracting humans to your website, that’s pretty much, you know, everybody knows that. And then we talked a little bit about attracting pot traffic, which is a nonhuman traffic that search engines use in order to index your website and identify context. You know, some people even know that people know that by hiring SEO people or letting SEO people tell them what they think they need to hear. But today we’re going to talk about capturing leads. That’s what makes a great website separate from the pack of all the other millions of websites that are out there. If your website isn’t capturing information than you want to know about this concept today, so this is the step where more people fail when it comes to their website.

You will either not have any kind of capture mechanism on your website or you will think that people want to subscribe to your newsletter that you will never write. You should have some way of capturing lead information on our website and it should not be a newsletter. I don’t know when people started thinking that everyone wanted to subscribe to their newsletter, but the reality is is nobody writes those and if we subscribe to every newsletter that we saw on every single website, we wouldn’t, we probably wouldn’t ever read them anyway. What you need is you do need to capture some information from people who are coming to your website, but it’s not going to be a newsletter, so we’re going to talk about that now. Your website should have a single goal that you want your visitor to accomplish. People are going to come to your website because they may have heard about your business or they found you on a search engine and they think that your website can solve a problem for them and they can do a lot of things on your website.

They could be finding answers to questions that they have. They could be finding contact information, they could be learning more history about your company, but whatever they came to your website for, you need to have a goal for them. You need to have something that will get them to opt in so that you can get them to raise their hand and let you know that they’re interested in your products or your services. And so talk about having a called action on your website and needs to be simple. It can’t be complicated and it used to be something that’s worth exchanging their information for them. And once you figure this out, then we can install some calls to action on your website. When we design websites, we typically have a call action and two different spots. We designed a call to action to be in the top right corner.

It’s usually a button that stands out from all the other colors on the, on that part of the page. And then down at the bottom of the page, um, we call that the footer area. And right above that footer area we will put a bar or row across the whole page and we put a call to action there as well. So we have the opportunity at the top of the page when people first see the page and at the bottom of the page if they happen to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and we put in calls to action in those areas. Now we recommend that you offer some sort of a lead magnet and a lead magnet just simply means it’s some kind of a bribe that you’re going to offer in exchange for their information. When people come to your website cold, they, they might think that you have the solution for them, they need to learn a little bit more and so you might have some sort of a report or a video or some sort of information that could really help them really understand that you know what you’re talking about.

And so we recommend that you have this lead magnet and have it in exchange for their name and email address and then you follow up with them. Now the criteria for a lead magnet is it needs to be really valuable information. You need to create something that’s worth an email address and you want to make something that can be delivered digitally. You don’t want to offer a lead magnet that you have to do anything for because this is where the most unqualified traffic is going to start raising their hand. And the next step we’re going to talk about how to build more trust and then eventually get them to convert in. But in this and this stage also we want to do is collect some information and they’re probably, you know, they’re more likely than nobody to do business with you, but they’re still not at that point where they’re gonna do business with you just yet.

What you want is something that can be delivered digitally, like a pdf or a video and it needs to be easy to consume. You don’t want to offer an entire course in exchange for an email address. If it’s information you want, something that can be consumed in five minutes or less, but are another great opportunity for a lead magnet is offer a discount code or a coupon. A lot of restaurants, big restaurant chains. When you go to their website, they have some sort of a rewards program and if you sign up for that rewards program, more often than not, you’re going to get either a free entree or free dessert in order for you to come in and try them out. And this is a really good method for restaurants because restaurants know that they have to win you over and get you in the doors so that you can try out their food.

And if you like the environment, the service, and the food, chances are you’re going to come back a second time and pay full price. Now while we recommend that you had a call to action in the top right corner and in the footer, you can add an extra layer of capturing people’s information by utilizing an exit intent popup. What this is, and I don’t normally recommend popups, in fact, when you say the word pop up, most people get really scared because they don’t want to have to think about the old days when all these popups used to show up. Remember when they have pop up blockers, what they have or they have these really smart tools that you can set up to where if someone’s going to leave the page, like they’ve been to your page and they move their mouse in a way that they’re going to go and hit the back button, you can pop up what’s called an accident tent pop up and offer them a last ditch effort in order to get them to opt in there and you can offer the same lead magnet there because chances are they haven’t seen the the lead magnet offer.

And so when they go to lead the page, it’s like just a quick last ditch effort for this pop up to show up and have them take another quick second to reconsider. Something that you might want to think about when you’re crafting your lead magnet offer is your audience. There are some audiences out there. Your audience may be people that don’t necessarily have email addresses and if that’s the case, consider whether or not they all have phones. A, there was a staffing company that I did work for and most of the people don’t have email addresses, but all of them have to have a phone in order to work for this company. So what we did for them instead of capturing email addresses is to capture their mobile phone number so that we could send text message marketing to them through a text messaging system.

So that might be an option for a, you can offer an SMS opt-ins so that you can send out messages through text message. Another opportunity might be that most people in your audience have a Facebook account and if they have a Facebook account, chances are they also use Facebook messenger. Facebook Messenger has a way for you to integrate it with your website and offer a way for people to send in messages through Facebook Messenger. If you do that, you can connect your Facebook messenger to a service so that you can collect all the people who contact you through Facebook messenger in order to send them a broadcast at a later time. So this might be another great way for you to capture some lead information. And if anything else, if you aren’t able to capture any kind of lead information from them on your website, the last thing that you could do is make sure that you have pixels installed on your website, whether it’s the Facebook, linkedin, Twitter, Google pixels, you can put all those on your own on your website so that if someone comes to your website and leaves and doesn’t opt in, you can then remind them of your business by remarketing to them with remarketing ads.

So this is another reason why websites can be really important to your business online. It gives you the control that allows you to be able to have all these different opportunities to capture people’s information. There are some opportunities for you to capture people’s information on other platforms, but none as robust and as thorough as the kind of ways that you can capture information through your website. Well, that’s Today’s episode. I hope that you enjoy the episode. I hope that it was informative to you. As we’ve talked about the second part of the four aces formula, and the next episode we’re gonna talk about educating your prospect and why that’s an important step and building trust with your potential customers. Hey, are you enjoying the MVP radio show Be sure and go to MVP radio when you’re there, there are buttons to a couple of the different platforms out there and I would really appreciate it if you went and subscribed to this podcast on your favorite podcast platform.

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