Building Intrigue On LinkedIn – EP003

Building Intrigue On LinkedIn
Building intrigue is all about attracting your ideal prospect to view your profile. Find out about the LinkedIn trinity and how you can use it to build intrigue.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why it’s important to create a human connection
  • Why you should invest in a professional profile picture
  • Strategies on using your LinkedIn headline to your advantage
  • The importance of adding value into your network

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Welcome back to the MVP radio show. My name is James Bullis. I’m going to be your host today. Hey listen, the MVP radio show is all about helping you build your online presence for using a set of 49 different steps that I’ve put together that are critical for anybody who wants to do business online. If it’s processes that I’ve developed over the last 20 years, I’ve watched trends come and go and I’ve watched fads come and go, you know

things work, some things don’t, but these 49 things are the things that actually work and those are the things I’m going to share with you in these episodes. The episodes are all based around these 49 steps and if you want to cheat and get ahead, you can go to and download the full 49 steps right now and today’s episode we are going to continue our series on increasing your LinkedIn power. In the last episode we talked about the importance of protecting your network and how you shouldn’t connect with everybody, how you need to establish a connection criteria and make sure that you only connect with the people that are going to bring value to your network and who are going to listen to what you have to say on LinkedIn. Today we’re going to take a different turn. We’re going to talk about building intrigue.

If you want to increase the power of your LinkedIn profile, what one of the critical steps is you’ve got to build intrigue and I’ll explain why here in just a moment. Now, I just want to say right now, even though all of the resume aspects are there on your LinkedIn profile, I don’t see my LinkedIn profile as my resume. I actually use LinkedIn as a, like a landing page. People don’t care about how fabulous your resume is on LinkedIn. When people look you up on LinkedIn, they want to know if you can solve the problem that they have and the only way they’re going to look at your profile is if you take a little bit of time to build some intrigue. LinkedIn is all about standing out and getting noticed. In fact, if you’re doing anything on social media, you need to be a human who can create a human interaction.

It’s not about business to customer or business to business. It’s all about humans being humans and connecting with other humans. All’s your doing is using the platform as a medium in order to make that connection. The reason why we use platforms like LinkedIn as to make the connections a lot easier, but you’ve got to give people something to actually connect to and there’s four great ways that you can do that on LinkedIn. The first step is making sure that have a great profile picture. There’s some things that you need to do in order to make sure you have a great profile picture. One. I would highly recommend that you get a professional head shot done because selfies aren’t really going to look great on LinkedIn. You can do them, but if you can afford it, be sure and go out and get a professional head shot done from a professional photographer is going to increase your brand across the board.

Some tips about your profile picture, you want to make sure that you are the only person that is in the picture. You don’t want to be standing there in a group and people, you don’t want people to have to try to guess which one is you. You don’t want to dress like a Slob, but you also don’t want to be in a Tux. I’ve seen a lot of profile pictures where people, they took a picture while they were in a wedding and they’re in their Tuxedo and that’s, that’s not really what you want to do is you want to be dressed and you want to look like you want to be perceived in your network, in the marketplace. And so if you know, if you’re a web designer like me, you might, you might be in a tee shirt and jeans, but you know, for the most part you’re probably going to be in some sort of a button up shirt or a blouse and you’re going to be, you know, have a nice smile on your face.

You know, don’t make it too dark, doesn’t need to be too light and needs to be just right and a place that you can go to in order to find out if your profile picture is good enough for LinkedIn is a website called You can go to and you can upload your profile pictures that you want to have looked at. And what it does is people will go through and then we’ll vote and they will tell you whether or not you look trustworthy. You know if you fit the bill for LinkedIn, so I highly recommend that once you find a picture that you uploaded to and see if that’s an image that you want to use on LinkedIn. The next step and being able to stand out and getting noticed and as far as building intrigue is making sure that you use your headline affectively everywhere that you show up on LinkedIn as going to have your name, your profile picture, and your headline.

So you want to make sure you’ve got your name up there, you want to make sure you’ve got your profile picture up there and that people can see you because most of the time that profile picture’s going to be really small on mobile devices. So you want to make sure it’s a really clear profile picture and then you want to make sure that your headline is being used effectively. By default, your headline is like your latest job and at the company. So I, for me it would say I am the president of Vinton. Nobody cares that I’m the president of venting and so what I do is I actually make a statement and I say I help professional speakers get found online. I use a more the space there, but it starts out that way. I also put an Emoji at the beginning of the headline because when people are swiping through Linkedin, that Emoji will actually catch their eye and get an extra second.

People will look at your profile, your profile picture and your headline for an additional second and actually read it. So I start the headline off with an Emoji and I put in there, I help exactly who my target market is, do this thing and so I help professional speakers get found online. That’s a great way for you to use that space. It’s calling out my target market. It’s telling them exactly what it is that I do and it makes it really simple for them to decide in a split second whether or not they want to connect with me or not. The third step and being able to stand out and get noticed and by building intrigue is to provide value to your network and that means that you’re putting out great content on a regular basis. The purpose of the content is not for you to go out there and promote yourself or whatever, but it’s to add value into the network.

People like to give tips on LinkedIn on how they can improve their processes. So if your network is made up of other digital marketers or people who are interested in digital marketing, it would be make a lot of sense for you to give some digital marketing tips out there on your LinkedIn profile. And basically what that does is the more that you put out a value in into your feed, more and more people are going to take notice of you and interact with your content. That’s where it’s going to start building intrigue. They’re going to start seeing your profile pictures show up more often. They’re going to see your headline showing up more often in the goal of all of that is to get people to come back and look at your profile itself. So the goal is to not be selling, but to be putting out content, to be commenting and engaging on people’s content that’s out there so that your profile picture, your headline and your name starts showing up in people’s feeds on a regular basis.

The secret LinkedIn strategy is to remember this every time you chime in with value, your profile picture and headline are there to build curiosity and invite people back to your profile. That’s the goal. I look at LinkedIn as kind of like a microcosm of online marketing as a whole. So I look at like your LinkedIn feed is kind of like social media and your profile is kind of like your website. And so I use the feed to attract people to come back to my profile so that they can look at it and on my profile I actually use calls to action to get people to go off of LinkedIn to another website. When you’re posting on the feed, you don’t want to link away from LinkedIn because it’s going to actually give you a penalty. They’re not going to promote it as much because people are going to move away from LinkedIn runaway.

So your goal in the feed is to get to people to actually want to come in and look at your profile itself. Once they’re on your profile, you can send them away from LinkedIn all you want, but you want to get to know, look at your profile, something else about it. And look at your profile is they will show up in a WHO’s looked at your profile list and you can follow up with those people. If they’ve looked at your profile, chances are they might be a good connection and it gives you an opportunity to look at their profile and then reach out and make that connection. All right, so we’ve already talked about protecting your network and now we’ve talked about building intrigue. In the next episode we’re going to talk about completing your profile, right?

You want to make sure that that thing is as complete as possible so that you can get the most traction out of your profile. So we’re going to go ahead and jump into the episode right now. Hey, do you like what you’re hearing? Well thanks for listening to The MVP Radio Show. Do me a favor, find us on iTunes. Go subscribe rate and review. If you do that, it’s going to help other people find this show and they can become winners as well. So be sure and go to It’s got links to all the different platforms so that you can go subscribe, rate and review. Thanks. Have a great day.