Attracting More Visitors To Your Website – EP008

We’re talking about the first part of the Four ACES Formula – Attracting More Visitors. It’s important to set up a website that attracts both human and “bot” traffic. We’re talking about best practices for both.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why you need to learn to attract visitors
  • Why you should attract human and search engine traffic
  • Some ways to make your website more attractive
  • How this plays into your overall online presence

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Hey everybody, it’s James Bullis with the MVP radio show, the MVP radio show designed to help today’s entrepreneurs make a bigger impact online. I’m taking my 20 years of experience in the industry and teaching you everything I know. My goal is to help you make sense of the millions of options out there for getting your business online. It can be overwhelming, but through these episodes I want to take you step by step to getting found online and making a bigger impact. If you want to learn more about the MVP radio show, be sure to visit us when you’re there, I’ve got a couple of free gifts for you. One of them is a four part online course based on improving your linkedin power. Now we’ve talked about some of those steps and the previous episodes, but this is a video course where I go a little bit more into depth and you can go to MVP radio, and find a link to that free course to sign up, watch the videos and you’ll be able to learn more about improving your linkedin power.

The other gift is the step by step roadmap that I’ve created based on my 20 years of experience in the industry that you can use. Now here’s a, here’s a thing. All of these episodes that we’re going to be producing over the next year are based on those 49 steps, and so if you want to jump ahead, you can go download that roadmap right now and you can see all the steps. The podcast is more of a companion to that roadmap. What we’re going to do is give you a 30,000 foot overview of each of those steps and then we will go more into depth on that, so be sure and go to MVP radio You can see all the past episodes you can rate and review. You can subscribe to us on iTunes or Google play. There’s buttons for those as well, and just go check it out and see what you think.

Be Sure and share it with your friends. All right, now let’s get into today’s episode. Now on the last episode, we started a series on the four aces and we’re talking about how to deal yourself a winning hand. We talked about how you know websites still matter into today’s online strategies. In fact, I believe it is the foundation of everything else that you do online. It’s real important. Now, we’re not going to go and build a website right away. There’s a lot of steps that come before you actually build out the website, but everything is based on this four part formula that I talked about in the last episode. It’s called the four aces. This formula was taught to me by my first mentor. It’s simply the four aces. It’s attract, capture, educate, and sell, and today we’re going to talk about the first part, which is attract and it has two parts to it.

I believe that you want to attract more human traffic to your website, but you also need your to be set up so that you can attract robot traffic to your website. Robots are going to be like search engines, Google, bing, Yahoo. You want your website to be optimized for those robots to be able to come in, take a look at your website and be able to know what the context of your content is so that you can rank higher for different search terms. So I’ve got four ways that you can make your website more attractive to humans. We’re going to talk about that first. The first thing is you need a great looking website. You don’t want something that looks shabby. You know, some people would argue that ugly websites can convert better, but the reality is you need a website that looks great and that means it needs to be able to work on all devices.

If someone’s coming to your website and they’re on a mobile phone, which these days, chances are they are, your website needs to work on the mobile phone if they’re on a tablet and needs to work on that. Every website that we build at our company will work on all of these types of devices and they need to look good. They need to be attractive. When I first started in this industry, they used to say that we had about six seconds to grab the people’s attention in order for them to notice the website and consume more of the page and that’s when sliders were real popular at that time. Well the problem is is that we have access to so much information that the attention span is down to probably about two seconds right now and so you really need to be able to grab their attention and the best way you can do that is by having a great looking website.

Now here is the number one thing that it’s going to be hard for you to understand, but this is a mindset shift. I’ve built over a thousand websites in the last 10 years and every single customer is like, it’s all about them. They want the website to be all about them and how awesome they are and the reality is that is the wrong approach. You need to build a website that is all about your ideal customer. You need to know exactly who it is that you’re trying to attract and build a website specifically for them. The number one word that you can use on your website is the word you stop using the word Aye. You need to use the word you. He needed to talk about how it, you know what’s in it for them. And if you don’t do that, you’re not going to get them to read any more of your website.

When it comes to online marketing, there are people that are on either they want to only do websites or they want to only do social media, and the reality is you need to do both. In fact, there’s more to it than just that, but search engines that are out there, they want to make sure that you are doing stuff on social media, but humans want to as well. When humans come to your website, a lot of the information on the website doesn’t change on a regular basis. So they want to go and check you out on social media and make sure that you’re up to date, that you’re legit and that you’re still in business. So it’s important that your social media has regular updates to it so that it doesn’t look like you’ve just built everything and then disappeared off the face of the earth.

All right, so that’s all about attracting humans to your website. Now let’s talk about attracting bots. You might get scared and think that we’re going to be real technical, but the way that I teach is not very technical at all. In fact, I want to just make you not have any anxiety. All’s I’m doing is kind of giving you ideas and examples of how this is supposed to work, so don’t feel like I’m going to start shooting off any technical specs to you. The first thing you’ve got to do when you’re dealing with attracting bots as you need to have great looking code, and there’s a lot of different ways that you can write websites out there. Some of them are actually hide your website from search engines. I don’t know of Wix has changed their platform at all. The last time I looked at him, they were one of the worst culprits of putting in bad code into the website.

But what you really need is you need a website that’s got great looking code. That’s why I don’t recommend that you go and buy themes off of invado or theme forest because a lot of those things are bloated with a lot of extra code. Now. That’s how I used to build websites. I used to go and buy those themes off their butt anymore. Those themes are just blurred with code and they’re not real great. When you’ve got great looking code, chances are your website’s going to load fast too. There’s other things that can make your website load slow, but you need a website that’s going to load fast and it needs to be able to load fast on mobile devices as well. So that means that you’ve got to be able to optimize images, optimize a code, make sure that you know you’ve got videos that are coming instead of it being on the website, it’s actually uh, framed in from youtube or Vimeo.

I mean different things like that. But you can go to a website called gt and run your website through it. And then it will tell you what the page speed is. Um, Google has got a page speed test your as well and your page speed. The faster your website, the more likely that bots are going to come and visit your website. But if you have a slow loading website, bots are not going to come to your website, so you need to make sure it’s loading quickly. Now this one’s really important and it’s called making sure that your website is secured by SSL. Privacy is a hot issue right now and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have an SSL certificate on your website. Now be careful out there because a lot of hosting companies will try to sell you SSL certificates and in some cases it’s necessary for you to have those there some extended validation SSL certificates that are about $300 a year.

Unless you’re a big like e-commerce PSI, you don’t really need those. But for the most part, if you’ve got just a basic website out there about your business that informs people, attracts visitors, educates prospects, you know, captures leads, you need to have an SSL certificate on there. Most hosting providers are tapped into. Let’s encrypt, let’s encrypt, allows you to install with just the click of a button as simple SSL certificate to your website. If you use a platform like wordpress like I do, you can install that certificate and all you have to do is just change the links to https instead of http and everything will load up secure. By installing the SSL certificate, you’re doing your visitors of favor and if you accept payments online, it’s gonna make you more likely to get those payments from them. If you want more bots to come to your website, you need to update content regularly.

That’s why I believe it’s really important that you establish some sort of a content strategy, especially blogging. People think blogs are dead, but you want things to be updating on your website on a regular basis. Here’s the reason why. What’s happening is a bot is a little piece of code that’s comes to your website and it’s analyzing your website. It’s looking at content, it’s analyzing the context and is trying to aside if things are changing and if it should come back more often. Well, if you update your website on a regular basis with new content, you can set it up so that every time the Bot comes through it realizes that you’re making changes and it tells itself that it needs to come back more often. The more often you can get boss to come through your website, the more likely is that you’re you’re going to rank higher for certain search terms based on your content on your website.

The last big thing I’m going to recommend is that you optimize your website for voice search. We live in a time where Alexa and Siri can make or break whether or not people show up on your website, and here’s the reason why. If people put in a question that they need an answer to, the search engines are going to show up a result that meets their criteria, that’s optimized for voice search. So a great way to handle updated content and to also make it ready for voice search is to write down a number of questions based around your keyword phrases and then simply answer those questions and put them in a blog format. What’s going to happen is you’re going to have regular content updates and then you can, you can actually format the code in such a way that it’s optimized for this voice search.

We’re going to get more into depth on that and the online course, but trust me, you can do some Google research on that and make sure you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing. All right, so that’s covering the first step of our formula, attracting more visitors to our website. In the next episode, we’re gonna talk about the importance of capturing leads. This is where we take people from just casual visitors and they’ve opted in in order for us to be able to reach out them and start educating them about our products and services. So we’re going to jump right into that episode next. Hey, thanks so much for listening to the MVP radio show. Again, I’m just so glad and I’m so thrilled that we were able to relaunch this podcast so that we can start teaching you how to improve your online presence. If you’ve got questions, be sure to go to MVP radio, go to the contact page and submit a question. There’s also a link to my anchor Di f m account, and if you go there, there should be a button for you to submit a question through voice. And if you do that, I’ll include you on a future episode. Again, thanks so much for listening and I hope that you have a great day.