About James Bullis

An Expert By Accident

In 1999, I taught myself how to code HTML. I didn't have a computer. Only a borrowed library book, a pen and a notepad. But I taught myself a skill that I would continue to use for almost 20 years. But it wasn't until I started learning about Digital Marketing and business that it all began to make sense. 

Traditionaly, the coders and the marketers are kept separate from each other. But, I found that have an intimate knowledge of both sides of the tables makes it so much easier to get results.

There are so many things to learn today when it comes to succeeding in the digital world. But my podcast will hopefully help you to be able to learn from my mistakes and what I learned from other people's mistakes.

If you are a digital entrepreneur, thinking about going full time nomad, then you can expect to hear real talk from someone who has been in and around agencies and now working full time on my own. Join me as I share real stories and lessons.